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Construction Inspector Qualifications

Have a minimum of 5 years experience in construction inspection and management of road work projects.

Have training and experience to perform all inspections with proficiency independently.

Experience in bridge construction to include removing and disposing of existing debris, grading, draining and placing aggregate surface course.

Possess good communications skills both orally and in writing and know applicable OSHA standards, and State and Federal statutes.

Provide certificates of training.

Be familiar with and proficient in using computer-based data systems including GPS and GIS, fax machines, scanners, copiers, printing devices, email, word processors, and other business machine systems.

Experience working with the federal government.

Experience with projects that involve extensive rehabilitation and/or replacement of assets?

Provide a list of the projects with the scope of work done.

Do you have experience as a construction Inspector ?

Provide the list of projects, with the activities involved.

Job Description

Coordinate with the Contractor to ensure that the Contractor ’s progress payments as shown on an AIA Document G702 ( Application and Certificate for Payment ) reflect completed construction activities and that the items being invoiced for are in accordance with the items in the contract unit price schedule

Ensure that quantities being submitted for payment are supported by documentation in the Inspector ’s Project Files .

Notify the BIA Contracting Officer ’s Representative (COR) of any discrepancies.

The Inspector shall assure that all work is in substantial compliance with the plans and specifications.

Ensure that work has been performed within the contract period of performance (POP).

Ensure that the Construction Contractor has obtained a Contracting Officer -approved modification to the contract prior to proceeding with any changes and/or working beyond the contract POP.

The Inspector shall assure that the work is in compliance with the Environmental Document for the project and that work does not go into areas which do not have environmental and/or archeological clearances.

Quality Control ; The Inspector shall assure that measuring, testing and observing materials, material certifications of compliance, supplies and workmanship incorporated into a project meet contract requirements and are in compliance with the Contracting Officer -approved quality control plan.

Ensure that the certifications reference the project, item, material description, quantity, contractor, supplier, the tests and specifications being complied with and the location and availability of test results.

Ensure that the Construction Contractor has obtained a Contracting Officer -approved Traffic Control Plan .

Ensure that all Traffic control devices placed at the site conform to the current Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), are installed prior to the start of construction operations and are being properly maintained during construction.

Notify the COR that the project is ready for a Final Inspection .

The Inspector shall develop and maintain a Project File .

Provide certification that the project has been built in substantial compliance with the approved plans and specifications.

Job :

Full -time, Contract

Schedule 8 hour shift

Work :

One location

Job location
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